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                                        “AN UNFINISHED MAN”
                                                       Tagline: When you’re going through hell…..keep going….
                                                With a reoccurring dream of dying in Hollywood haunting him and the reality of watching another lonely birthday rush                                                   him towards the wrong end of thirty, Alfanso Trevor has come to terms that his passion is his curse, that Hollywood is a                                                 land of artistic nihilism and if he wants to salvage anything remotely resembling a “normal” life, his only option is to                                                         head back home to his mother in Detroit.
                                                But after the opportunity of a lifetime grants him everything he’s ever wanted, he banishes his mother in Detroit to                                                         wallow in the hedonism of Hollywood. The only question is, will he be able to escape the purgatory of celebritism, and                                                   if what cost?

An Unfinished Man is a play about an artist’s desperate attempt to hold onto his identity in the mist of being swallowed by the culture industry of Hollywood. It was first produced at the NoHo Arts Center on June 18, 2011 and ran for two weekends.

Our film CAPOEIRA was accepted into LA Shorts Film Festival. It will be playing on September 3 at 5:30.

Projects in Development 

​Altamar Pictures is acquiring funds to film the feature length of "CAPOEIRA" and is in development of the feature film "TODOS LOS SANTOS" to be shot in the Dominican Republic.


Delano is the story of  two brothers, Sam and Abel, one a criminal, one a cop, who meet each 
other after their

mom passed away.   After Able realizes his brother’s criminal past, he is forced to take Sam into custody and

carry out his mother’s wishes of taking her remains to Bakersfield. During this trip, the brothers develop a bond

between each other and Able finds most of the answers he had always searched for.


Dir by Tom Shell

Capoeira is the challenge that Memo never imagined. Letting go is the gift he never expected. 
Memo is at a capoeira roda and has reached his breaking point, he is going through an inner struggle that makes it seem like the world is caving in. He has to decide which road to take, to give in to his fears and play it safe or risk it all and let go.